A Civil Action

This story provides a good introduction to the forces you will be working against.  Even if a case has some good liability facts, the plaintiff still has to prove injury causation.  Many trial lawyers have lived through the story presented in A Civil Action, you may too some day.


Profiles In Courage

A good reminder that it’s not always best to follow the crowd.  Do what you believe is right, not what popular society wants.  Insurance companies will attempt to impose their view of reality onto your cases.  Have the courage to follow your own course and impose your own reality on the insurance company you are litigating against.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This book illustrates the fact that what appears to be true is not always the case.  To practice tort law at a high level we must be willing to search for the truth, when it appears on the surface an accident happened in a way that is convenient for the insurance company.  Second, To Kill a Mockingbird is a reminder that the cases that end up before a jury are very hard to evaluate.  Cases that go to trial  call for supreme advocacy in order to prevail.  Easy cases settle, the cases that go to trial, call for every ounce of energy, advocacy and spirit your soul will provide.

The Happiness Project

Gretchen started out as a lawyer.  She is a great writer.  After you read You Can’t Teach Hungryyou will understand the need to read The Happiness Project.  This is a challenging calling, all trial lawyers need to pay  attention to how our work affects our own life and the people we love.


You Can’t Teach Hungry

Attorney Morgan does a great job of providing a realistic peak inside the life of a trial lawyer.  He provides practical advices and incite about what it takes to be successful both as a founding principal of a firm and a working lawyer within a plaintiffs firm.