ABC’s of Becoming A Successful Trial Lawyer from Day One

A. Embrace who you are. Do not try and become someone who you think you are supposed to be. For example if you are a calm reasonable person stay that way. It will serve you much better to stay true to your personality. Don’t try and turn yourself into an argumentative Mr. Tough Guy, because […]

Trial Lawyers: We Should Learn From Each Other, Not Compare Ourselves to One Another

Last Friday afternoon I saw trial lawyer Rick Friedman speak at the Consumer Attorneys of California State Convention in San Francisco. Rick spoke about how destructive it can be for a trial lawyer to compare themselves to another trial lawyer. Mr. Friedman was making the point that we do not make ourselves better by comparing […]

Three Steps To Take Before Noticing The Deposition of a Corporate Witness

In June of this year The United States District Court for the Northern District of California adopted “Guidelines for Professional Conduct” These guidelines are a very good resource for new plaintiff lawyers. For example, new plaintiff personal injury litigators working to set up oral depositions of corporate employees for the first time should review both […]

What is a Lawyer Power Team? An Introduction to SFLN

In October I was invited to speak at the San Francisco Lawyers Network aka SFLN on The Top Twenty Steps To A Successful Personal Injury Trial. SFLN is a diverse group of lawyers from different practice areas that meet the last Thursday of each month at First Republic Bank in San Francisco. Thank yous go […]

Understanding and Identifying Improper Speaking Objections

An improper speaking objection is an objection at a deposition or trial that is made in an argumentative or suggestive way. A speaking objection includes commentary beyond the specific legal grounds on which the objection is based. Speaking objections are sometimes used by attorneys who are attempting to coach a witness. A proper objection is […]