New Personal Injury Lawyers: You Can Always Phone a Friend

In the lead up to the launch of Signup to Settlement: A Personal Injury Law Boot Camp, we asked our followers what their number one F.E.A.R. (False Expectation Appearing Real) was about beginning to practice personal injury law. One response was, “I am afraid I will make a mistake and lose the case.” Another lawyer responded, “I don’t want my client to lose, based upon my lack of knowledge and skill.” Let’s unpack these two answers and see what we can learn.

Three Common Rookie Mistakes New Personal Injury Lawyers Make

Rookie mistake are avoidable errors that new lawyers without the perspective of experience will often make. Expert witness discovery is an area of personal injury law where new lawyers can make mistakes. Here are my top three rookie mistakes applicable to expert discovery in a personal injury case. – Rookie mistake #1 – failure to […]

ABC’s of Becoming A Successful Trial Lawyer from Day One

A. Embrace who you are. Do not try and become someone who you think you are supposed to be. For example if you are a calm reasonable person stay that way. It will serve you much better to stay true to your personality. Don’t try and turn yourself into an argumentative Mr. Tough Guy, because […]

SignUp To Settlement Screencasts are Complete!

This week I taped the final screencast for the final session of Signup to Settlement, A Personal Injury Law Boot Camp. The twelve sessions of the course flowed from 20 years of personal injury trial practice and was the culmination of twelve months of thinking, planning, outlining and discovery. Like everything in life, it all […]