The top 3 legal concepts criminal lawyers new to civil practice must understand

Jerry Spence started practicing law as a prosecutor, and later became a criminal defense lawyer. The main reason is that criminal lawyers are already great litigators. You already know how to question an adverse witness and try a case in front of a jury. However, the transition between the two areas of law can seem daunting.

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10 Reasons Criminal Defense Lawyers Make Great Plaintiff Personal Injury Lawyers:

The next generation of great plaintiff personal injury lawyers are working in the criminal courts right now. Former criminal lawyers make excellent civil trial attorneys because they have extensive jury trial experience. Having a comfort level in front of juries allows criminal lawyers to quickly take advantage of the settlement leverage, created when a trial date is assigned to a personal injury case.

Here are the top ten reasons why lawyers working in the criminal courts, including criminal defense lawyers, public defenders, JAG Corp officers, prosecutors and district attorneys, will become this country’s next generation of plaintiff personal injury lawyers.

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New Personal Injury Lawyers: You Can Always Phone a Friend

In the lead up to the launch of Signup to Settlement: A Personal Injury Law Boot Camp, we asked our followers what their number one F.E.A.R. (False Expectation Appearing Real) was about beginning to practice personal injury law. One response was, “I am afraid I will make a mistake and lose the case.” Another lawyer responded, “I don’t want my client to lose, based upon my lack of knowledge and skill.” Let’s unpack these two answers and see what we can learn.

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Three Keys To A Successful Personal Injury Trial

Keys by Moyan Brenn

Preparing for your first personal injury trial can feel like a daunting task. Feelings of overwhelm and fear are normal. Welcome these feelings and get comfortable hanging out with them. Nelson Mandela said, “courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Preparation can reduce our anxiety level. Let’s look at three…

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SignUp To Settlement Screencasts are Complete!

This week I taped the final screencast for the final session of Signup to Settlement, A Personal Injury Law Boot Camp. The twelve sessions of the course flowed from 20 years of personal injury trial practice and was the culmination of twelve months of thinking, planning, outlining and discovery. Like everything in life, it all…

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